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      Long-term rich experience of WELLHOPE team in project management, from the engineering stage, moulds manufacturing, to the final shipment, permits WELLHOPE to offer excellent service in the following fields:
1.Sample scan and part design;
2.Mould design in 2D and 3D;
4.Plastic Injection moulds;
5.Die casting moulds;
6.Blow moulds;
7.Gas Assistant/ SMC/ Compression moulds;
8.Small production runs;
9.Large quantity production runs;
10.Assembly, Package, Logistics service;
11.After-sales service as making spare set of component;
12.Technical consultation.
     Certainly most of the companies in the field can offer these services to their customers. What makes WELLHOPE different from all the others? We know from past experience that the customers are not looking for a supplier, but they are looking for a PARTNER to help solving problems, to achieve target dates, and to share the "pressure" of the market. Thus our team is applying ourselves to build good partnership with the clients, by accomplishment of the agreed deliveries and execution of all the technical specifications, offering suggestions and alternatives to solve problems. We always stand by the customer to face the problem and complete the project well. 
      With the worldwide tendency to globalization, one of our main objectives is to keep serving our customers with improved satisfaction and better management over the projects. 

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